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by Gergely Debreczeni last modified 2014-05-05 12:03

Regular weekly VDASC telecon


    o Pegasus tutorial 1/5 - "Hello world !" (15 ') (link
    o GPU tutorial       1/5 - "GPUs, vendors, programming languages" ( 15')
    o Final comments on the Implementation Plan
    o AOB


Gianluca, Pia, Gergely, Lisa, Alberto, Cristiano, Franco,


Gergely presented the first part of Pegasus tutorial, which demonstrates simple job submission to local condor clusters. There were questions about job requirements (core allocation and required memory) from Cristiano. Gergely will investigate this issues. Lisa asked about how Pegasus is handling user grid credentials, this will be explained next time.

There was no time for GPU tutorial. Will be held after Pegasus tuto is over.

Pia encouraged everybody to fill up the manpower tables in the IP