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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2013-04-04 16:58

vdas call

1. Announcements

2. Software alignement
- status
- problems

3. CVS --> SVN migration
- cleanup procedure
- organization

4. AOB

Alberto, Benoit, Giuseppe, Didier, Elena, Florent, Franco, Franco, Loic


1. Software alignement
MAB prepared a bunch of packages. What remains is Cfg, Cbf, Fr, Frv and Fd.
Didier started to upgrade Dy. Pb with v5r34p5 of root. MAB & Florent tried to debug this at Lyon on SL5. Pb when histogram is done. Malloc failure in TLatex function. Not sure where the pb is. Didier mentioned he could run Dy with v5r34p4 at Cascina. This version is not installed with PackageBuild. Options not well setup.

--> need to continue debugging.

2. CVS --> SVN migration:
Franco will prepare a list of packages trying to extract from CVS history potential packageManager and tagged as "insactive" all packages that have not been read for more than 2 years. Will check what is supposed to be "active".
MAB would like to see "private packages" discussed separately. Will see what is the list of "active" packages.
About migration: after the Virgo week. Lots of things to do before. Is that still possible?
Franco: will try and anyway virgoStaging procedure has pb with CMT extracting cvs tags. Spend more time on this?
Maybe useless. PackageManagement is now been upgraded for SVN compliance (Emmanuel).
Franco is still working on scripts. Need to put some work on all this.

AOB: new baseline should include an upgtraded version of python. Currently 2.5 at Cascina. Minimal 2.6, or maybe 2.7. Franco will send an email around to check what is needed.