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NINJA2 data set

by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2012-06-29 21:56
NINJA2 data set stored in Virgo clusters:



Comments (from Ian Harry):
V1_NINJA2_G1000176_EARLY_GAUSSIAN is coloured to reflect the predicted early advanced Virgo PSD as given by document G1000176 in the DCC. This predicted early advanced Virgo PSD is about 50% more sensitive than the predicted early advanced LIGO PSD. The parameter estimation group argued that it would be useful to have 3 data sets from 3 sites with equal sensitivity. Therefore it was decided to also distribute the Virgo data, using the same *shape* PSD, but rescaled to have the same horizon distance as the early aLIGO PSD. This data is distributed as: V1_NINJA2_G1000176_EARLY_RESCALED_GAUSSIAN

More information here

Wavforms catalogue:
The tarball is:
or from here on CIT:

The tarball needs to be untared in:
where the root path must be changed according to the final destination

the file ninja2catalog.xml will also need to be edited so that the paths point to the correct locations.