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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2013-09-12 17:12
1. Announcements

2. procdata backup
- status (quotas)

3. CVS --> SVN pb for packages managed with scvs

4. Software alignement
- dataDisplay status
- omega status [MAB: still to adapt makefile scripts for matlab2013 for Cascina]

Attendance: Gianluca G., Loic R., Frederique M., Franco C., Elena C., Didier V., Florent R., Benoit M., Livio S., Stefano C.

Cascina shutdown next week. Is it urgent? Can it be postponed to the LVC week?

  • clean up is finished
  • backup: people need to send their requests to VDAS. By default, no backup will be performed. Some (old) data could be backed-up in CCs.
  • Quota: the idea is still being discussed. Are we talking about a partitioning? If not, we should make sure that a monitoring is in place to prevent the quota from being reached.

Problem with packages managed by SCVS (no head). The fix could be that package magnagers copy the version they consider stable in the trunk. This will constitute the base for development.
Objection: This could lead to a mess. Many packages are orphans and won't be updated. After a while we might lost track of what has been fixed and what has not...
Let's think about other and better options, if any...

Soft alignment
  • Dy: still not compatible with ROOT. Franco is working on an environment which could deal 2 ROOT versions: one for Dy and another one for everything else. Didier is working on a big upgrade of Dy. First tests should start in a few months
  • Omega: the makefile is incompatible with matlab2013. MAB is working on a modular makefile.



news about the multicore machine test? No new benchmark results. FdIO server takes about 1 core to run. the rest can be devoted to online applications. Omicron could be plugged in for further testing.

The date next VDAS meeting needs to be defined