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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2013-06-20 17:12

vdas call


1. Annoucements
2. CVS --> SVN
3. procdata cleanup table
4. software alignement table
5. AOB


Alberto, Benoit, Giuseppe, Emmanuel, MAB, Elena, Franco, Loic, Livio


2. CVS--> SVN

Franco: CVS archive is read-only. CVS archive copied. Remove packages not to be ported. Porting still going on. CVS History will be available through svn log command.

Guideline doc is available in the TDS

Keep flat archive structure. CMT checkout should be working fine with SVN. One caveat: cmt checkout use SVNROOT or CVSROOT. CVSROOT will need to be removed.

Annoucement : tomorrow.

Loic: SVNROOT is defined. No svn login. First time you try passwd is asked. Then passwd can be saved locally.

List of not ported will be given in Franco's email tomorrow.

Elena: is cmt checkout recursive?

Franco: yes with the "-r" option.

3. procdata cleanup.

Many folders have been already cleaned up. Some not. Table updated

Benoit: procdata size?

Livio: now: 62 TB total (before 34 TB)

Benoit: reliability?

Livio: disk quality: DELL storage: high quality. But no backup. No tape daily backup. Could install a low quality daily disk copy. Could find 26-29 TB. Can provide an image (not accessible). 

Benoit: back-up strategy review should be discussed in the near future.

Livio: will provide documentation.

MAB: ask users to provide information about size they need and reliability required.

4. software alignement

omega: MATLAB/stats --> 200 euros. Will purchase 1 licence.

Dy: pb with newer root version. MAB in favor of heavy upgrade of Dy. Older version of Dy in the environment is possible. Franco: Dy is an end user application package.

lalsuite: installed in virgoDev (includes fixes for mdc_ninja application). Tested only on SL5 & SL6 64 bits machines. On SL5 it requires a special environment (autotools versions). Franco will try to install the package on virgoApp.

MAB: can we decide on a schedule for the other packages? and a date for defining the new environment?

Franco: mid july is not realistic. End of august could be possible.

MAB: will continue to fill the table and bug package managers