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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2012-12-21 17:08

VDAS call

1. Announcements
- software installation at Lyon
- MBTA/DAQ 32 cores machines purchase

2. Data transfer team organization

3. AOB

Attendance: Giuseppe, Stefano, Benoit, Frederique, Pia, Loic.


1. News
- MAB is still working on Lyon software new installation policy. Will fit "cascina policy". LSC software installation.

- bought 1 or 2 machines. Should arrive week of January 6th. 1 for MBTA, the other for farmn
Virtual machines testing: test of different OS with virtualization

2. Data management
- Team composed of Antonella, Alberto C, Florent and MAB.
- Data type to transfer : TBD
- Requested to discuss/report progresses during VDAS calls.

- ER3 tests:  test new facilities. Involved Lyon as well.
Benoit: ER3 goals was different + h(t) is not raw data.
Stefano: Rawdata transfer could be done with VSR4
Benoit: Rawdata produced permanently at Cascina --> should be used to stress the system:
MAB: all the pieces (from DAQ to data access) need to be tested. This involves Cascina, CNAF, CCIN2P3 and LSC CCs.
All ways transfer must be considered in the system (including for instance 50 Hz trend ...)

- Computing plan document:
Pia: As DAC, I'm in charge of writing and defending the plan. But I'm planning to ask for contributions
MAB/Benoit: important to circulate the skeleton as soon as possible to VDAS to be sure we all agree on the general scheme.
First draft mid January. Goal is to have a plan by May STAC meeting.

3. AOB: next VDAS call on January 10th