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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2012-11-29 22:45

VDAS call

1. Announcements
- AdV applications technical requirements. Please fill in the table

2. Focus session: Need for a Batch System at Cascina
- Motivations (Alberto) Colla_Cascina_VDAS_121129.pdf
- Discussion (Everybody)

3. AOB

Attendees: Stefano, Antonella, Livio, Giuseppe, Marco, Elena, MAB, Francesco, Pia, Alberto, Nicolas, Virginia, Cristiano, Florent, Benoit, Didier, Frederique

Minutes [MAB]:

- NoEMi demands of a batch scheduler managing a subset of nodes dedicated to NoEMi and Non Linear Analysis. Request a test period, acknowledging that no OS upgrade will be done in the next months before the general upgrade. 

Stefano: linux 5.3 OS is OK?
Pia: OK

Stefano: Condor or another system? Need to check if installable, licence free, etc
Marco: condor would be OK.

MAB : expressed her opinion about batch scheduler: this is not needed for online implementation. This is actually not helping the good use of resources as it requires more cores than strictly needed. An offline cluster is rarely used at 100%.

Alberto/Pia/Cristiano: we think this will actually allow to avoid to waste resources.

Benoit: Because of the budget, Cascina computing resources are and will remain limited.

Pia: CNAF will force the use of GRID which might prevent detchar groups to work there. Batiston at the STAC, said that we should consider having an offline cluster at cascina.

MAB: Lyon is open to detchar. Cascina should not be opened to offline activities. We are giving a wrong message.

Conclusion: agreement on:
- having a batch scheduler test with current OS. Condor is proposed as a solution of facility but GE (Lyon) or LSF (CNAF) would have been politically more adapted wrt our CCs.
- the cores accessible to the batch scheduler will be limited to what NoEMi really needs in terms of to prove it really optimize the use of CPU power.
- we discuss implementation of the most demanding applications in the next VDAS call.