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by Gergely Debreczeni last modified 2013-12-13 12:55

VDASC Group regular weekly telecon page 2013/12/09


  • Reflections from last week meeting
  • SVN usage, SVN web browser. Slides: SVN_thoughts
  • AOB


Elena, Luca, Loic, Marie-Anne, Cristiano, Alberto, Gergely, Benoit, Dider, Franco,


1.) Issue tracker. We will ask EGO computing what about installation of redmine. If this not doable, VDASC will use a custom installation.

2.) SVN web interface: We decided to use WebSVN, Franco will do the installation. (UPDATE: Giuseppe kindly and quickly installed the new front-end !)

3.) Improving SVN usage. Discussion on limitations on SVN. Gergely gave a presentation on SVN problems, and said that current structure should be improved, either by reorganizing SVN or using better revision control systems. Franco says that the problems could be solved inside SVN, so ther might not be a need to use something else (again). We agreed, to better specify the problem and rediscuss it on one of the next meeting.

4.) Virgo web pages: No reflections or suggetsions from last week.

5.) Installation of Virgo software: Has to be discussed on one of the next meetings. There are multiple alternatives, Franco will prepare some slides on the possibilities, but we have to specify our requirements.

Nest week topics will include: 

  1. GSISSH authentication, 
  2. Authentication of LIGO colleagues againts Virgo services
  3. TeamSpeak testing