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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2013-02-03 01:18


1. Announcements
 - new software organization at Lyon [MAB]. See email extract below
 - LVDB development brief report [Didier]
2. ER3 status
- Cascina resources use status (Omicron, NoeMi, ...)
- olserver40/MBTA status report
- ER3 bulk data transfer between LIGO and Virgo with LDR (V1 to XXX and H1/L1 data set at Cascina)
- ER3 data transfer tests between Cascina and CNAF/CCIN2P3

Attendance: Benoit, Didier, Florent, Alberto, Cristiano, Nicolas, Alberto, Cristiano, Elena, Giuseppe, Stefano,

1. Announcements
- Lyon software installation: Didier asks to let virgoApp accessible. MAB: OK. installation can be done freely by everyone. Only constraints: maintain some coherence and Virgo rules of installation. Lyon CZar will monitor.

- LVDB: now a joint LSC-Virgo developement. User's requirements almost done. Next step: tables' description discussion. Software requiremnets document. Gary already made performance tests.

2. ER3
- data production: V1 recolored VSR3 data since last week. data transfer of h(t) burst injection: 1 each 100s. Files are not available at Cascina. Files not compressed (300 GB). Blind injections are not available. Extra channels for injections to
CW injections: not yet packaged efficiently (frame size/compression).

- pipelines:
CBC : MBTA on olserver40.
Omciron: H1, L1 and V1 h(t)
NoEMi: run with condor at Cascina on V1 h(t) file for the moment. Will run at LIGO sites for H1 and L1 streams.

V1 online data access: accessible through V1Online.ffl. For online streams, run split does not make sense. 

- olserver40: MBTA limitation of rsh processes. Stefano fixed that. So far so good!

- bulk data transfer between CIT and Cascina:
Jeff Kline needs the root passwd on the LDR server at Cascina. Livio/Antonella will communicate.

Virgo side: 2 streams : with/without blind injections (bufferv7/bufferv6). About LIGO files size: h(t) 64 floating bit files. Bigger
than is need. Benoit downscale to 32 bits numbers.
ER3 data transfer tests: Livio has started the new tools (grid for CNAF. IRODS for Lyon). Which files?: ER3 raw data. V1Online files. Need to communicate which files are available for transfer.

Hello all

As already announced here is some information about the re-organization
of the software installation at Lyon.
The new organization is actually very similar to Cascina software
installation with 3 folders:

Software in virgoApp and virgoDev is installed from the CVS Cascina archive.
Only tagged versions should be installed in /virgoApp. As users home is
size limited in Lyon, there must be an area in THRONG_DIR for users's

VCS-XX is meant to manage pseudo-distribution release. In other words
its defines the users' environment $THRONG_DIR/VCS-8.0/System/Env.csh
should become in the coming weeks the new user's environment launched at
login. CMTPATH will then point to

External packages, managed with pkg-config and autotools  are installed
with PackageBuild developed by Emmanuel Pacaud. It concerns: root, FFTW,
lalsuite and omega, but others could be installed similarly if demanded.

Below is a list of package installed in virgoApp. This list is surely
incomplete for some pipelines running at Lyon. Could you please send me
the list of packages that still need to be installed before switching to
this new environment. Any feedback or comments is of course welcome.

ligotools v2r59 (/afs/
FFTW v3r3p21  (/afs/
FFTW v3r3p23 (/afs/
root v5r26p0  (/afs/
root v5r26p4 (/afs/
VirgoPolicy v2r6  (/afs/
Xform v0r9999p2  (/afs/
PackageBuild v0r5  (/afs/
lalsuite v1  (/afs/
omega v1  (/afs/
TCm v1r10  (/afs/
Cbf v4r12  (/afs/
Fr v8r17p1  (/afs/
Frv v4r19p1  (/afs/
CSet v2r13  (/afs/
Cm v8r8  (/afs/
Dy v9r12p13  (/afs/
El v4r14  (/afs/
Su v6r9  (/afs/
Db v4r15  (/afs/
Cfg v7r05  (/afs/
Fd v7r01p2  (/afs/