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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2012-06-14 22:06

ER2 preparation

LIGO Virgo ER2 coordination meeting
Chris [minutes taker], Nicolas, Patrick, Benoit, Marie-Anne, Didier, Gianluca, Chad, Kipp

From Nicolas (tentative agenda)
For the Thursday meeting I think we need to discuss different points:
- what is the current status of preparation on both side
- for the low latency tests do we have pipelines running at the moment in caltech ? if yes do we have any results, if no can we imagine to have some pipelines to test the transfer ?
- concerning LIGO noise for ER2, do we have a date when you need to decide that you fallback on NINJA data (it could be the day before ) ?
- on Virgo side we need to have a status of the recoloration of VSR3
- we need to be sure that pipelines are aware of the data format (both for LIGO and Virgo)
- we need to agree on format for DQ in the files (I hope Didier will make a proposal on Thursday)

LIGO status
real time PSL and NINJA2 style recoloring getting ready -- estimate about two weeks to implement and stabilize

Virgo status
under plans for Virgo data
-usual h(t) quality flags ala ER1
-will also send few channels part of the low latency stream with cat2 and cat3 flags --> one channel per channel CBC_CAT2 CBC_CAT3 BURST_CAT2 (same cat definer files as previously)

Chad: CAT2&3 defined by triggers, usually -- what effect will recoloring have onselected windows around these triggers
Benoit: Fredreique doing studies, seems to do about the same
MAB: Few flags with padding window, just fine tuning, mostly mild glitches

ODC channels will be used to characterize nominal operation of the subsystems. Only PSL is working in ER2, so it is the only ODC channel of note and will be used to construct the "master ODC" channel.

Patrick: Request for a "state vector" channel as was done in S6/ER1 -- side note, is this or can it be ODC_MASTER -- firm up with Duncan and John the exact channel name and bits.

Chad: Request that CAT2&3 merged into statevector and addressed by bit masking (Virgo)

Patrick: How do we get high level categories into frames in low latency?
Didier: CAT1&2 should be "stable" on the time scale of detector changes. Consider this "gold plated" detchar.

Chad: Request a synchronization of DQ channel formats.

ACTION ITEM: June 21 -- Frozen definition of online DQ from both LIGO and Virgo side.

ACTION ITEM: Separate stream for non-blind burst injections from astrophysical injections