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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2012-02-23 19:07

1. Announcements:

    • Computing model preparation: joint discussion with adV DAQ group (Loic R) for the upgrade of CMT/CVS/library release/ ....
2. Current issues: 3. Software developments
  • VDB


Attendees: Stefano, Livio, Gary, Franco, Benoit, Nicolas, Florent, Loic, Chris, MAB (taking minutes)

1. Announcements: we need to organize DAQ/VDAS call to discuss about upgrades of CVS/SCVS, CMT, libreary release, etc. This concerns both onlien and offline software and the full collaboration (adV + DA). This is part of the computing model as well.

2. Current issues:

  • Data access @ CNAF: the pre-staging fixed the problem to access data at CNAF through dataSender, but the problem is now similar to Lyon: we need to pre-stage the data and this is rather inconvenient for data display access. Franco or some else @ cascina should have the privileges to do pre-staging when control room people have difficulties. 
  • SL6 upgrade:
    • Stefano explains they started tests on the test platform installed at cascina. Already detected issues with automounting. Late january RH announced hardware support for RH5&6 extended up to second half 2017. RH7 will come out in 2015. Plans:  SL6.2 (NSF support useful for storage). Plan to do tests for this release. Main drawback already seen with AMB automounter not supported. Need to be mounted statistically. No more transparent access for users. But this could be fixed by using the right software.
    • Stefano: Online platform: need to freeze as early as possible. Now we have SL4+SL5. Soon SL6 will be available for the online, and SL7 will be tested for the offline (rather unavoidable if we want to follow the hardware).
    • Franco: server side: for SL6 or SL7? Stefano: SL6, form the client side, the main issue detected so far concerns the storage far and automounting. Transparent access to the storage volume is not granted. Drivers to access to storage are for SL5, but SL6 will allow to use NFS 4.1. So in the end we will have more features.
    • Franco: SL6 DA distribution: all OK. dataDisplay and siesta litlle issues to be fixed with Didier. Asked for continuing with CM .. packages. MAB: OK (LALSet package) 
  • ER1 debriefing : Benoit, Nicolas insisted that we have a debriefing discussion at Boston to see what needs to be improved for ER2. Virgo ER1 data have been made available for LDR yesterday (email to Scott K. not received). MAB: ER can't go backward. ER2 can't start if data broadcasting problems have not been fixed. Benoit: ER1 already went backward wrt VSR3. We need commissioning time before ER2 where we can fixed problems. For instance the H1/L1 PSD was not the one announced and that has generated pbs for MBTA. 2-3 weeks of commissioning times before ER2. Need to have data in advance. LIGO software management makes things complicated.  Nicolas: need presentation for Boston. Nicolas: to upload segments to segdb.
--> Action items for VDQ/Didier

3. VDB: Gary explains is working on the structure and on the document. The doc should be ready for the next call. MAB reminds that we need to start interacting with segdb colleagues. Informal meeting @ Boston with Gary's document would be very useful. Gary will make the docuemnt ready before Boston.


AOB: next meeting in 2 weeks + special meeting DAQ/VDAS on March 15th? (TBC)