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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2012-06-28 19:28

1. Announcements
2. Current issues
 - NINJA2 data
 - ER2 preparation
3. Proposal for MBTA enhancement - slides [Gergy]
4. Data transfer : migration of SRB to IRODS @ Lyon. What is IRODS?. IRODS commands
IRODS account

5. ECC report slides: discussion + next steps

Attendees: MAB [minutes], Stefano, Antonella, Livio, Gergely, Florent, Nicolas, Elena, Cristiano, Didier, Chris, loic


3. GPU
Toolkit to facilitate analysis on GPU. Not mature, but groups can start using it, to see if this is useful.
entirely C++ based,

● object oriented, modular
● templated,
● hardware and vendor independent,
● portable (runs on Win***s as well)
● set of OpenCL and C++ utilities aimed to facilitate
various many-core GPU GW data analysis (not only CBC!)
Contributors so far: Gergely, Karsten, Tito, Mate, Badri

Any module has a Base class + an interface class
inspiral: 200 times faster than lalapps if you ignore chi2. MBTA latency could be improved.

MAB: is that easy for an C application like MBTA to use one of the modules (for instance GWchi2)? Does it mean that part of the MBTA code would have to be ported?
Gergely: the idea of the library is to let users to use modules.

Conclusion: more discussions with MBTA team is needed.

2. NINJA2 data set:
MAB will send an email to Livio to tell him where to send NINJA2 data in Bologna and Lyon

Livio is willing to make tests asap. MAB prefers to switch to IRODS after the NINJA2 data set transfer

4. ER2: data recoloring is working. DQ vector defined (agreement). DQ production: all OK. Files produced on disk to see any problems. Timing between h(t) files and files on disk.
Hanford PSL: problems. Livingston PSL: 80 % uptime.
What will be running @ Cascina:
- MBTA running --> alerts to GraceDB
- Omicron on h(t) signal
- NoEMi on h(t) signal to test relation between databases Virgo & LIGO

5. ECC report discussion
In our computing models, there are still missing things. Need to restart the discussion. Do we need another document for specifying better the technical plans and financial aspects? EGO computing group needs better provision to have a detailed technical plans

Cascina is fully dedicated to online computing. That includes all processing done routinely during data taking even if it's done with up to 1 day of latency. But that excludes re-rprocessings. That also includes commissioning. We need commissioning inputs right now.