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Items for improvement

by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2011-04-20 22:34
  • Software management: a minimal set of rules must be followed by developers to both ease the software management and long term maintenance and the interoperability with LSC rules.
    • use of cvs (real use by developers)
    • use of CMT
    • provide kit for LSC cluster installation
    • use bug tracking system

  • Data transfer
    • Rules about data storage in Lyon and Bologna (doc)
    • Upgrade software: who is doing what?

  • Remote data access
    • remote data access through dataDisplay

  • Documentation
    • sDoc page upgrade
    • Virgo software list never up to date: how can we improve this?
    • New package release alert system: how do we know there is a new version of a given package available for testing?
    • Cascina wiki: are we upgrading it to a more user friendly wiki?

  • Authentification: Virgo and LSC collaborations must be able to access any web pages reserved to Virgo members with a unique credentials system.
    • use of credentials