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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2013-05-02 17:24


1. Announcements

2. procdata re-organization
- final proposal for the folders organization that will be used to move files stored in buffervx
injections (contains files that are injected)
hrec (contains frame files generated online)
RDS (contains frame files generated online)
MBTA (contains frame files generated online)
ER (contains low latency h(t) data that are injected & collected during ERs)
web (only 1 browserable space --> no detchar/web. Additional space of /opt/w3/)
- organization of the move:
who is doing what?
quota per folder proposal (coming from buffervXX current use): define quota after the move?


3. Software alignement
- status+last issues with Fr/Dy/root
- migration to /virgoApp
- CVS-->SVN switch

4. Online cluster benchmark definition
- Where do we install the software?
- Shared memory feeding process & data set definition
- News from Omicron/cWB/NoEMi
- Any other candidates?

4. AOB

Attendance: Elena, Giuseppe, Benoit, Cristiano, Alberto, MAB, Nicolas, Florent


1. procdata folders list agreed. Need to contact Livio to know how to get organized for the copy of the data --> action for MAB

2. Software alignement: Fr issue with root and CMT is fixed. MAB will contact Franco to have the basic packages installed in /virgoApp. About the CVS --> SVN migration, users want to know when it is happening. No need to wait too long. --> MAB will contact Franco

3. Benchmark preparation: need to know
- the environment to compile applications (which OS, environmenent, ...)
- dataset: raw data? a priori yes. But which one?. H(t): a priori yes. but which one? Stored locally on disk.
- data access: local FdIO server to feed a shared memory. Do we have a local disk files access as well for some applications?

Elena reminds that a userbench account has been cerated by Stefano to host all scripts.
--> need Stefano to clarify all points