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by Gergely Debreczeni last modified 2015-03-02 16:05

VDASC regular telecon

VDASC telecon 2015.03.02


  1. News on Pegasus progress by Lisa
  2. LVC Computing participation
  3. LDR test discussion
  4. Topic for next VDASC


Mab, Chris, Luca, Livio, Gergely, Loic, Florent


  1. News on Pegasus submission: Lisa managed to solve lot of problem of Pegasus submission, now cWB@CNAF works fine. Output transfer on job termination instead of workflow termination is still to be solved. Next step is probably a GUI configuration for workflow progress watching.
  2. LVCComputing: Stronger Virgo participation is required on LVCComputing meetings. Members were encouraged to participate.
  3. LDR test: LDR is installed now at CNAF and Lyon, Livio brought back the data transfer framework. We agreed to perform a test this week. Livio will transfer some file to CNAF, Luca's script or LDR disccache utility will update LDR database, Gergely will try to query remotely the LDR server and check database v.s. physical file consistency. Luca still needs to enable certificate based auth for LDR, this requires discussion with site admins and apache configuration tests. If test is successfull the same will be performed for Lyon. Fake ffl vs LDR database vs. physical file consistency have to be checked, some mechanism to work out.Long lived proxies with the use of myproxy server still to be solved.
  4. Topics for next VDASC: a.) Files that are never used are transferred to Lyon, they were never accessed. Is it really necessary to transfer them ? b.) Is there a monitoring web page for data transfer ? c.) How and where the file merging will happen ? Who will be responsible for that ?