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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2011-06-15 17:27
  • Announcements
  • Current issues:
    • Data transfer (Livio, ...)
    • RDS production (Fscan, STAMP): channels list readiness
    • CC data access (MAB, Franco)
    • Feedback from ASPERA meeting (Gergely)
    • CNAF pilot jobs (Gergely, ...)

  • Specific topics:
    • CMT/autoconf interoperability:
    • Adv Detector software developments:
      • definition of a computing model
      •  workflow
      • Data Analysis white paper: computing & software


Attendance: Antonella, Giovanni Zinni (CNAF), Davide Salomoni (CNAF)

  • Data transfer:
Antonella: VSR4 data transfer to CNAF and CCIN2P3 is working fine. Bandwidth statistics here.
MAB: pb at CCIN2P3 for VSR4 rawdata not completly understood, but situation is fine. few days of delay. Totally acceptable
MAB: worried about VA3 missing files at CNAF and Lyon. The transfer has to be done before the data files are deleted at Cascina.

Here is the email to sent to Livio on June 6th 2011

"I've done my usual checks for VA3 to detect any missing files in the transfer. There is a caveat wrt to previous run is that raw and proc files before Janunary 20th 2011 have been deleted in Cascina, so my checks are not covering missing files at both CNAF and Lyon for the period 971599800 --> 979601850 (oct 2010 --> jan 2011)

I compared raw and proc files in Lyon, Bologna and Cascina and here is what I found (files in attachment):

Period [979601850 - 9911156509]

   #        file                             description
  135 VA3_proc_cnaf_missing.txt : files missing at CNAF but still in cascina (all before May 25th)
  334 VA3_proc_lyon_missing.txt : files missing at Lyon but still in Cascina (1/3 are before May 25th 2011)
 4434 VA3_raw_cnaf_missing.txt : files missing at CNAF but still in Cascina (almost all before Jun 3rd)
22166 VA3_raw_lyon_missing.txt : files missing at Lyon but still in Cascina (20% are before May 3rd)

Period [971599800 - 979601850]
   29 VA3_proc_cnaf_2010_missing.txt : missing files at CNAF but available in Lyon
  831 VA3_raw_cnaf_2010_missing.txt : missing files at CNAF but available in Lyon

Email from Livio on June 15th 2011:
the current situation is the following:
- VA3_proc_cnaf_missing.txt
this job is done, all are in Bologna now
- VA3_raw_cnaf_missing.txt
are on the fly from Cascina: 25% are gone, the others are in queue
- VA3_proc_lyon_missing.txt
are on the fly now from Cascina: 20% are gone, the others are still in queue
- VA3_raw_lyon_missing.txt
these files are NOT in queue, I agree with you that will be better to send them from Bologna to Lyon, as you suggested.

We have now 10 volumes free into the circular buffer so we are not going to delete files until the end of next week, enough time for sending all files to Bologna.
The VSR4 files are in trasfer as usual, too. If you prefer to schedule them in another order, please tell me.


Action item: The transfer from CNAF to Lyon will require some work as now files at CNAF might require to be staged. Need to coordinate this with Livio.

  • Pilot jobs:
Gergely is not present. Discussion is postponed. Davide and Giovanni are asking for another meeting before next VDAS meeting. Want to know Gergely's plans.

Action item for MAB: will organize a special Pilot jobs meeting with Gergely Davide, Giovanni + all interested parties sometime next week. + ask Gergely to send slides/infos about his proposals.

  • other subjects discussion are postponed to next VDAS meeting (in 2 weeks) given the absence of involved people
  • Next meeting on June 29th