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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2011-12-01 23:48

VDAS call

1. Announcements:

2. Current issues:
    • Data transfer (Livio/MAB)
    • NINJA data set transfer
    • LSC software installation at CCs

3. Software Engineering Run 1 preparation: projects + organisation Software Engineering Run 1 (Nicolas)

4. Special topic:


Stefano C, Nicolas L., Florent, Elena, Cristiano, Alberto, gegerly, livio, loic, didier

Minutes (MAB)

Data transfer: V4 data transfer to Lyon not yet finished. VSR4 RDS done. MAB still need to check everything.

NINJA data set transfer: we will try to use gridftp (through LDR) to directly transfer files from Hannover to Bologna. Scott's grid credentials will need to be known (actually ldr robot grid credentials) on storm server. No need to use fancy path in Bologna.

Alberto made a test from Roma to virgo3 (users's space) using lcg-cp and disabling the use of logical file catalog

lcg-cp -b -v --vo virgo -U srmv2 file:/home/collaalb/testfile srm://
Using grid catalog type: UNKNOWN
Using grid catalog :
VO name: virgo
Checksum type: None
Destination SE type: SRMv2
Destination SRM Request Token: fcea8f33-a643-4a35-b362-5b208db4b498
Source URL: file:/home/collaalb/test

File size: 597
Source URL for copy: file:/home/collaalb/test

Destination URL: gsi
# streams: 1
          597 bytes      1.96 KB/sec avg      1.96 KB/sec inst
Transfer took 1020 ms

Alberto also tried with gsicp without success

gsiscp -v test gsi
Executing: program /opt/globus/bin/gsissh host gsiftp, user (unspecified), command scp -v -t //

OpenSSH_5.0p1-hpn13v1 NCSA_GSSAPI_GPT_4.3 GSI, OpenSSL 0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 01 Jul 2008
debug1: Reading configuration data /opt/globus/etc/ssh/ssh_config
gsissh: Could not resolve hostname gsiftp: Name or service not known lost connection

Gegerly succeded with that command:

globus-url-copy file:///etc/hosts  gsi

Decision: Gegerly will contact CNAF GRID admins to add ldr DN subject certificats to CNAF gridmapfile in order to be mapped to virgodata unix user having write permission to /storage/gpfs_virgo4/ volume

LSC software installation at CCs: is there a need to have central installation of the LSC software in CCs? From the discussion and recent examples, it seems that the main users always require specific branches. Gegerly mentions that it would be usefull to have installed on the clusters tools like git, python (version used by LSC), pkg-config, etc ... 

Elena mentions a LSC software environment could be defined as a the Virgo software environment is defined. Franco C is maintaining the Virgo software release in CCs

Action item: contact Franco to define a LSC sohtware environment at CNAF

ER1 preparation.

Benoit & Didier explains how h(t) will be simulated. Gaussian oise using AdV baseline sensitivity (~ 135 Mpc BNS range). duty cycle 80%. DQ segments 2% deadtime. See  Software Engineering Run 1 web site. Need to clean up some proc buffer space. Test of low latency data transfer with Fd. Remind that because of network timeout few percent of data were lost during VSR3.

Elena asks about resources available for testing WDF and NOEMI. Nicolas reminds that ER1 might not be the right moment to test NOEMI as only Gaussian noise will be simulated. MAB mentions that projects should be briefly described in order to check that resources are available and well used.