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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2012-10-11 23:57


  1. Announcements
  2. Special topics [Loic's Slides]
    • virgoStaging softare archiving (/virgoDev replacement)
    • NeatX/NX servers
  3. ER3 preparation
    • ER3 configuration
    • What needs to be fixed from ER2?
    • What are Virgo priorities for ER3?
  4. AOB

Attendance: Pia, Stefano, Cristiano, Nicolas, Florent, MAB (minutes taker), Giuseppe, Loic, Benoit, Elena, Livio, Franco, Alberto


1. /virgoStaging change. external packages no more archived. /virgoStaging installation. Once it's done, /virgoDev will disappear.
Franco will do tests in the next weeks. New version of CMT.

2. NX/NeatX: farmn3/4/5 have been installed with NeatX servers (free). NX server is not free/NX client is free. LAPP is using NeatX server (free implementation of NX) since more than 1 year. Seems to be robust. Few crash/reboots from time to time.
Rumour that NX protocol might become natively supported on Linux in a few years. NX client provides virtual Cascina desktop. Useful when internet connection is terrible. dataDisplay with NX is really faster. free NX servers accept only 2 users. 2*3 users at maximum right now.
plans: NoMachine server with 2 users on all farmn. 2*9 licences.

Benoit: generic cluster system? Monitoring page (single entry point) that would show.

3. ER3 preparation
  • ER3 configuration: data generation: VSR3 h(t) recolored data as for ER2.
  • ER2 things that need to be improved:
    • data monitoring (data generation + data transfer)
    • documentation about processes running during ER2 (how to restart process, ...)
    • 80% duty cycle of good h(t) data. Might need to go back to VSR2 data if needed.
    • DQ state vector format: need to finally agree on the. Agreed on the name of the channel and the way "science" is coded. more complex DQ : no agreement, but no one was ready to use it.
    • Injections:  need to have all injections generated 2 weeks before the run starts. Amplitude of the injections is a burden. Benoit will ask for more unblind software injections even for CBC. During ER2, "h(t)" was the addition of h(t), burst injections (unblind) + cbc injections (blind) + CW (blind). And there was a channel for unblind injection types that flag the injection periods.
  • ER3 goals :

Right now, Virgo is producing Gaussian AdV sensitivity noise and send them to CIT. Not visible on the monitoring web pages!!!!!
Next call in 2 weeks