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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2010-10-14 00:17

Data transfer 6/10/2010 meeting

Attendance: Livio S. Antonella B. Andrea M. Alberto C. Marie Anne Bizouard


1/ Cleanup Lyon repository

<b> ACTION item #1</b> MAB will take care of moving WSRxx data to the right place
A similar initiave to clean up Bologna should be organized

2/ VSR3 data transfer

Livio has transfered VSR3 rawdata in Lyon and Bologna as required.
Misunderstanding about h(t) production/transfer to CC and LIGO.
- online h(t) frames transfer to CIT with Cm: under the responsability of Benoit et al
- DAQ writes h(t) 4000 s long files at Cascina. These files must be transfered to
Lyon, Bologna and LIGO.
HrecOnline file list is given in the /virgoData/ffl/HrecOnline.ffl file

<b> ACTION item #2</b>: Livio will start transfer of these files to
Lyon in Run/VSR3/proc/
Bologna in  VSR3/proc/

for files with GPS > 959955000

<b> ACTION item #3<b>: MAB will check with Scott that everything is OK with
the reception of these files in LIGO centers (Benoit has sent him the location
at Cascina from where he has to pull out the files).

3/ LIGO files reception.

Summary: we need to get all S6 C02 files. C00 processing stopped in novmeber 2009.
These files should not be used by DA.

After inspection of Lyon and Bologna repositories, it turns out that S6 LIGO files are
stored in 3 different places:


Agreement :
a/ to store everything under
Run/S6/ (CCIN2P3)

b/ to keep the same final tree architecture of files stored in LDR:

Example: H/H1_LDR_C02_L2/9345

--> Full path
Run/S6/H/H1_LDR_C02_L2/9345/  (CCIN2P3)
LIGO/S6/H/H1_LDR_C02_L2/9345/  (CNAF)

<b>ACTION items #4:</b> Livio will move S6 C02 files at Bologna in the right place
                     (correspond to full S6 up to ~1 week ago)
                     Once the files are mobed, Livio can generate the .ffl file
                     Then the files will be copied to Lyon at the right place
                     MAB will generate the .ffl file for Lyon.

<b>ACTION items #5: </b> Once previous actions are done, Livio and MAB will start cleaning up
                      Lyon and CNAF repositories with double copies of C02 files and all C00
                      files, except what is in S6/H1_LDAS_C00_L2  and S6/L-L1_LDAS_C00_L2
                      at CNAF because this has been used by Sergio Frasca for his sideral
                      time analysis

<b>ACTIONS items #6: </b> Livio will complete S6 LDR transfer from cascina to Lyon and CNAF
                       after S6 is done (oct 20th 2010)              

4/ VSR2 RDS need to be transfered from LIGO to CNAF and CCIN2P3

<b> ACTION item #7</b>: MAB will send an email to Scott to detremine the best strategy how to
                      retrieve this set of data.
                      Agreement not to mix this set of data with S6 bulk transfer.

5/ After 20th period:

Agreement to continue the transfer of rawdata + h(t) + 50Hz + trend to Lyon and Bologna.

<b> ACTION item #8</b>: MAB will see with Fulvio where to store these data at Bologna (CASTOR directly?)
<b> ACTION item #9</b>: MAB will check with Scott if LIGO wants to receive h(t) dat aas well

6/ AOB

a/ Alberto asked about SRM/Xrootd interface at Lyon. Important test to validate the lcgtools data transfer.

MAB gives her agreement to contact Lyon experts to ask them to setup the interface. Need to understand the costs (human+money).

b/ (MAB has forgotten ....)