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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2013-07-18 16:59

VDAS call


1. procdata area & software alignement status
- procdata quota

2. SVN status
- SVN web: original & alternative

3. ER4 soft start
- low latency data transfer
- what is running at Cascina? at LIGO?
- resources sharing

4. testbench status

Alberto, Frederique, MAB, Elena, Forent, Nicolas, Cristiano, Didier, Benoit, Franco, Loic

1.1 procdata:
Didier: triggers zone in detchar and web to be decided.
Alberto: CW cleanup done. Still need to fix the pb of owned by others folders .. action item for Alberto.
NoEMi: CW (for searches) & detchar (for detchar).

1.2 software alignement
Frederique: lalsuite-v6.18 installation is OK. Not completely tested. Working on CBC software.
Didier: new version of Dy is under developement. Not ready before end of september.
Franco: All basic packages are installed in virgoApp but not yet in the environment. No urgency to re-align at Cascina.  Will look at what is in the current environment.
MAB: omega at Cascina still requires some work (matlab compilation with R2013 requires some changes).

2. SVN status
Franco: the plain appache web does not provide enough services. Giuseppe has provided SVNweb. He has not been able to solve the pb of authentication (group definition) with trac. Elena's proposals are clients to be installed on users' machines. People are free to take care of this.

3. ER4 soft start
Nicolas: low latency data transfer is working. Question about injections:
Benoit: injections are not yet in place. Injections are at Cascina since yesterday. Should work before the end of the week. Ask for compressed files (factor 10 loss).
- MBTA running but not in the right configuration (spectrum is the same. Frequency boundaries tuned + coincidence part)
- Omicron running on h(t) channels of V1, H1 and L1
- NoEMi: not yet ready. Still need database at Cascina to store peak maps.

ER4 wll run up to end of august.

4. AOB
SVN archive access by other collaboration. read-only with LVC account. Idea to have a public SVN archive: is there any need. The idea nees to mature a bit ....

5. Next VDAS call:  August 13th