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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2011-11-13 23:33

VDAS call


1. Announcements

- Resume of the DASWG F2F workshop

2. Current issues:

- data access in Lyon (MAB)

- JECC meeting: computing requests for 2012.  documents (MAB)

- data transfer (Livio/MAB)

- Software Engineering Run 1 preparation: projects + organisation Software Engineering Run 1 (Nicolas)

3. Special topic: VDB (Gary/Leone/Didier)

- Follow up of last meeting

- medium and long term strategy

4. AOB:


Stefano C, Livio, Florent, Nicolas, MAB, Antonella, Cristiano, Didier, Benoit, Loic, Alberto, Franco


1. Current issues:

data access in CC: MAB explains the pb is fixed at Lyon. It was due to a permission pb on files in HPSS. By chaging the permissions, XrootD is working fine. Any other problems at Lyon and Bologna should be reported to

data storage in cascina: Livio explains that VSR4 rawdata are all available in Cascina. Sent email to mab and Enrico. Mab forgot obvioulsy to forward the email to everyone. Such info should be sent directly to Livio explains the situation of data storage in Cascina:

VSR4 rawdata have been "archived" : 95 TB

Size of the circular buffer for new rawdata: 48 TB --> ~50 days

h(t) data, trend, 50 Hz ... stored in other buffers.

Benoit mentioned that some interesting data taken recently should be archived. Livio proposed VSR4 rawdata be stored on "cheap" disk media that could be purchased. Ex: 6000 euros for 36 raw TB. What are the commissioning plans for the next weeks/months. Discussion about VA4 end time. Stop the data transfer to Lyon and Bologna. Benoit mentioned that we should not transfer not locked periods. Antonella agreed but would like the information available in frames.

Action items:

1. Benoit will tell Livio how to know if a frame file contains locked segments.

2. Nicolas will contact Enrico/commissioning team to understand which recent data they want to archive and commissioning plans for the next weeks/months and they request about the size of the circular buffer. Having these numbers will make easier the discussion.

data transfer: MAB mentioned that only VSR4 RDS have not been transfered. Benoit indicate that they are still in Cascina. ffl: virgoData/ffl/VSR4/CW_RDS.ffl. After VA4 transfer is done, there is a need to check that all datasets in Bologna and Lyon are complete and ffl files available.

Action items:

1. Livio will transfer VSR4 RDS in Lyon and Bologna

2. MAB will check .ffl files status once transfers are done.

Computing requests and needs for 2012 document: Antonella commented that the 40 TB could be taken from the gpfs_virgo4 partition (cache disk for GEMSS). MAB/Cristiano: need to be sure that it will not impact the data access. And we need to check with CNAF if this makes sense technically (virgo_gpf3 <-->virgo_gpf4).

Action item:

MAB will contact CNAF first to understand if this makes sense technically.

Stefano mentioned few unclear statements in section 4 (data transfer) and asks explanation for the Cascina demands for NOEMI. Alberto mentioned that they want to run NOEMI on LIGO data. For that, they need RDS data in Cascina. Benoit mentioned that we do not need to archive the data at Cascina. Only CC should archive them. Did not conclude whether to transfer now the full S6 RDS data sets in Cascina, or we wait for a better plan from NEOMI team.

Action item:

MAB will fix the errors and expand the explanations.

Engineering Runs: Nicolas has contacted P. Brady. Questions like which type of data we want to simulate might be useful to decide which algorithms are going to be run. It seems that now ER1 will be done with purely simulated data. Then it's not obvious that tools like NOEMI can run. Alberto mentioned that actually NOEMI can analyze only h(t) and that it will be anyway an opportunity to test the transfer from LSC cluster (configuration where NOEMI runs directly on LSC clusters). Nicolas has prepared a wiki page. MAB asked if progresses have been made about low data transfer and shared memory use? Benoit answered that what LIGo finally wants to do is compatible with Virgo strategy. He expects things to be settle when ER dates are approching ...

3. VDB: discussion postponed to the next VDAS call.

4. AOB: Franco says that the new SPR system is now stable. Will send an email to LSC to explain how to use and how to get DA account. Benoit asks when it will be possible to use labert.einstein authentication passwd in Cascina. Antonella answers they are working on it. The first step is about setting up an Italien federation and then build anogther federation on top of the US and Italian ones. Scott Koranda is the contact person for LIGO. MAB asks when things will start to be ready at cascina? Antonella answers: ~ 6 months from now. Need to purchase servers and get the paper ready. Authentication will be a subject in another VDAS meeting

Call adjourned at 10:15 CDT