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Calibration and reconstruction working zone

by Loic Rolland last modified 2009-07-28 09:10
The calibration/reconstruction is divided into four parts linked below. All the talks and notes of the calibration/reconstruction group are available in the last link of this page.

The first step of the calibration consists into measuring the TF of the mirror actuators. For this, different datasets in different configurations are used.  The TFs of the different mirrors are needed in all the following calibration steps and must thus be measured and monitored precisely.

The second step of the calibration is to measure the Virgo transfert function (from mirror movement to dark fringe signal) and to deduce the Virgo sensitivity.

The h-reconstruction (or time domain calibration) consists in reconstructed the h-strain data that are used in the analysis searching for gravitationnal wave signals.

An independent method, using an external photon calibrator, is being developped to calibrate the mirror actuators.

More information is available on the following topics: