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by Gergely Debreczeni last modified 2013-11-25 20:40

Regular VDASC weekly telecon (25/11/2013)


  • Issue tracking for VDASC tasks ? - Would be nice to track issues over the month not in emails and minutes but in an organized, structured way. Using of issue tracker (trac/redmine/trello etc....) (Gergely)
  • Better organized and international (.org/.eu) Virgo/EGO web pages
  • Computing web page. What should it contain ? (Gergely)
  • Using grid for analysis jobs. (Discussion, brain storming) - What tools are available for tracking job status ? Common problems, etc.. Slides by Gianluca: MBTA on the Grid
  • Re-start of data transfer testing and requiremens (Gergely)


Gegrely, Marie-Anne, Elena, Frederique, Benoit, Loic, Gianluca, Alberto, Floraint, Didier


a.) Short discussion on decision process. How we should evaulate different tools and what should be the decision mechanisms. No conclusion as of today, the topic was just raised early enough to clarify and agree on a procedure when more serious issues will be handled. In any case selection of any solution should be based on requirements ! When looking for something the first thing to agree on what we need. This is generaly true regardless of the specific problem.

b.) Issue tracking system needed. Current information is floating around in emails, and scattered of on various web pages. We need a tool to track, collect and archive information of our activity. There are many possibilities, such as, Logbook, Redmin, Trac, Trello, etc, etc. Have to examine several one and select the one which most suitable for us on the long term.

Action: Gergely does the evaluation studies, but please speak up if you have a preference.

c.) Virgo and EGO web pages, The style, look and information content of the Virgo/EGO web pages are heavily out-dated. It is very difficult to find informaiton, the web pages are not structured logically. The web pages are not attractive enough for young students.  There are several requirements that web pages of scientific collaborations have to met. VDASC members agree on the intention, details have to be srted out. VDASC group also needs a web page.

Action: VDASC Group will collect the suggestions, and constructive criticisms in a document and together with this document will make a specific proposal to the VSC on how to improve the situation. VSC then can decide on the necessary further steps.

d.) Grid submission. It is very painful for an everyday user to submit and track/monitor thousands of jobs on the Grid. Available tools were discussed. Turned out, that either big frameworks - such as HEP experiment's job submission tools - or hand-made scripts are the only available solutions. Not good.  For simple purposes some custom development should be enough, but probably is better to wait while Virgo chooses a job submission framework (such as for example Dirac) which already have this functionality. Until that time may we can survive... Thought Alberto's submission framework can serve as a working example if somebody is interested in hand-made solutions !

e.) Data transfer issues postponed for the next meeting.

f.) Next meeting 02/12/2013