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by Marie Anne Bizouard last modified 2013-05-16 16:48

1. Announcements
2. Software alignement status page
3. procdata move page
4. CVS --> SVN
5. Cascina benchmark
6. AOB

Attendance: MAB, Didier, Florent, Loic, Franco, Emmanuel, Elena

2. software alignement: bug found in PackageBuild v0r6 --> new version v0r7, meaning also new version of root and FFTW that were tagged. Take the occasion to introduce a new convention for CMT version number of extrenal packages (Emmanuel): add a digit for CMT release. For instance the CMT package based on root v5.34.05 is named: v5r34p050. The next CMT release based on the same version of root will be v5r34p051.

--> FFTW v3r3p30
--> root v5r34p050

lalsuite Gianluca's pb: Franco will post the information on the wiki. Decision not to rush with lalsuite/PackageBuild. Still tricky dependances to clear out

3. procdata move: Livio is providing information. Obviously it will take time. Didier complains he can't use what is in /data/procdata.old (broken paths). Need more information about how long it will last.

4. CVS --> SVN: Franco still working on script to extract history.
Schedule: not before beginning June
Downtime : 1/2 day.
After the move: no more CVS commit but CVS archive available in read mode for a while.
Precise schedule of what users will have to do (last CVS commits, ....) will be sent in due time!

5. Benchmark
Progressing well.
Need some clarification about the need of Cm applications (accessing shared memories) and if we need a local Cm NameServer, Dbserver, etc ....
Setting this is possible but requires work. 300 Gflops farm benchmark was making use of simpler applications. Sometime hard to understand results when applications are complex. On the other hand, one needs to test "real life".
--> Franco will discuss with Stefano.

6. AOB: other activities of Franco & Elena:
-- porting NAP under SL6
-- python 2.7: now under test.