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Presentations of interest

by Stefan Hild last modified 2008-08-18 18:13

On this page we attempt to keep a list of Presentations relevant for the Advanced Virgo OSD work. I believe it is easiest to sort the talks in chronological order.

Bi-weekly meeting August 14th 2008

  • S. Hild: Advanced Virgo beam size: asymmetric ROCs and coating noise
      1) Coating noise of ETM larger than of ITM.   2) Optimal design: Shift waist slightly towards ITM.

  • J.Marque: AdV optical layout: macroscopic wedge on Input Mirrors and BS issue
      Wedges can be used make all pick-off beams accessible. However, large impact onto vacuum system.

  • S. Hild et al: Automated simulations: choosing modulation frequencies a la Advaced LIGO
      Preliminary length sensing system for Advanced Virgo (taking higher order optical modes into account).

Bi-weekly meeting July 31st 2008

  • N. Man: Contribution to the choice of the radius of curvature
      1) Proposes to use mode degeneracy as figure of merit for ROC decission. 2) Shows that large ROC option (>3km) is not good.

  • P. Puppo: Large BS FEA
     Frequencies of internal modes of large thin BS

  • G. Vajente: Radiation Pressure and DoubleDemodulation
      1) Crosscheck of Finesse and Optickle. 2) Radition pressure coupling into several DOF.

Virgo week July 2008:

  • S. Hild: Optimizing the Advanced Virgo sensitivity for astrophysical sources

  • A. Freise: Advanced Virgo Optical Simulation and Design

  • E. Calloni: ISC overview:

  • L. Pinard: Advanced Virgo mirrors

  • V. Fafone: TCS update