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Description of the OSD system

by Robert Ward last modified 2010-06-04 16:44

General description

The optical simulation and design subsystem (OSD) concerns the finalization of the optical layout of the core interferometer. This includes defining the position and  requirements for the core optical elements. In general the OSD working group makes use of theoretical computations and numerical simulations to investigate designs for the core interferometer.

Organisational Tasks:
The main organisational task of the OSD is the coordination and steering of the various simulation efforts required to provide simulations tools necessary for the design, commissioning, and operation of Advanced Virgo.

Goals and Deliverables:

• Preparation of the simulation tools for the optical design and commissioning of the interferometer.  Deliverables: The optical simulation codes and the configuration cards.

• Definition the optical scheme of the interferometer (geometry of the arm-cavities, geometry of the recycling cavities) and the optical parameters of the interferometer mirrors (positions, optical properties, ROCs, etc...).  Deliverables: The optical layout of the interferometer, the set of optical parameters.

• Definition of the specifications for the interferometer mirrors, or confirmation that the existing specifications are coherent with the Advanced Virgo performances. Deliverables: Specifications for each optic and/or the consequences for the existing specifications.

• Evaluation of the advantages of future upgrades (higher-order Laguerre-Gaussian modes, squeezing, etc...) and of their compatibility with the optical design. Deliverables: Sensitivity curves demonstrating the interest of future upgrades and evaluation of the impact of future upgrades on the optical design.