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Interferometer Sensing and Control

by Bas Swinkels last modified 2014-08-25 11:44

This subsystem aims at bringing the interferometer at its working point and keep it here reliably, with no control noises visible on the GW channel. It defines specifications for other sub-systems: PSL power fluctuations, INJ laser frequency noise, DAQ needs on Global control, etc. Group manager: Bas Swinkels

ISC meetings

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ISC Reviews

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ISC management

Design Requirement Document VIR-024A-09

Work Breakdown Structure v 2.5


F. Bondu Advanced Virgo ISC subsystem plan VIR-085A-08

Length sensing and control

Technical documents

Simulation tools

Older pages

Talks At AdV biweekly meetings

F. Bondu - Going through the instability wall: mitigating optical spring with digital spring 2008-12-04
G. Vajente - Requirements on laser power noise 2008-10-30
F. Bondu - ISC and stability of loops: radiation pressure, multiple inputs multiple outputs systems 2008-10-30
G. Vajente - Length sensing and control: seismic isolation requirements 2008-10-16
G. Vajente, M. Mantovani - Influence of compensation plates on LSC and ASC 2008-10-16
F. Bondu ISC and non degenerate recycling cavities 2008-09-11
G. Vajente Simulation of length sensing and control system 2008-08-28
F. Bondu A constraint for ISC design: out-of-loop shot noise 2008-08-28
S. Hild Automated simulations: choosing modulation frequencies à la Advanced LIGO 2008-08-14
G. Vajente Radiation pressure and double demodulation 2008-07-31
G. Vajente Possible distances between the mirrors 2008-07-01
G. Vajente Update on cavity lengths and modulation frequencies 2008-07-03
G. Vajente AdV signal recycling 2008-05-22

AdL Links

AdL Length Sensing and Control Wiki


Technical documents

Talks At AdV biweekly meetings

M. Mantovani - M.Mantovani -  Preliminary thoughts on alignment signals in Advanced Virgo 2008-06-19
G. Vajente, M. Mantovani - Influence of compensation plates on LSC and ASC 2008-10-16

AdL Links

AdL Alignment Sensing and Control wiki

Lock acquisition

The CALVA experiment, see LAL web page

Parametric instabilities

Talks At AdV biweekly meetings

P.-F. Cohadon - Parametric instabilities in micromechanical systems. AdV? 2008-12-04

Inputs from other sub-systems