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Advanced detectors session - Friday 25th, 9 am

by Giovanni Losurdo last modified 2007-06-05 18:05

9:00 - P.Willems: The laser for ADV LIGO

9.25 - N.Man: R&D on fiber laser and fiber IMC for ADV Virgo

9.50 - P.La Penna: Input optics for ADV Virgo

10.15 coffee break

10.35 - S.Hamdani: Faraday isolator thermal lensing simulation with high power

11.00 - A.Freise/M.Mantovani: Alignment issues for ADV Virgo

11.25 - I.Martin: Charging research at Glasgow

PS The talk by D.Tanner on "Input optics for ADV LIGO" has been scheduled in the THURSDAY afternoon session.