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SCS Boards Front End Configuration

by Alberto Gennai last modified 2015-11-27 15:44

This file describes how configuring front end hardware of SCS boards (UDSPT)

AdV SCS make use of a single board for signals conditioning, conversion and processing. The name of the board is UDSPT. Up to date (November 2015) we produced about 190 UDSPT boards in three different production sets: - P3: 20 pcs - P4: 100 pcs + 50 pcs - P5: 20 pcs All three sets have exactly the same processing and data conversion layout, the only difference being an unwanted swap on timing interface pins that must be corrected with a strep in case a P3 board is used as timing master (we need one timing master per crate). The analog front end part in P3 has a small error that prevents use of P3 board as a coil driver if we want to monitor output voltage without cutting few wires on board to isolate ADC input from analog IO connector. P4 boards were produced in two different version sharing exactly the same PCB: the difference is only on components installed in the front end. P5 boards are supposed to be used only as large output current voltage amplifier with output voltage monitor (but we could convert board to operate as standard input boards).