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Arm cavity loss with maps

by Jerome Degallaix last modified 2013-12-04 11:17

Test of one single FP cavity with maps

This configuration tests the round trip loss of an Advanced Virgo arm cavity in presence of imperfections. The imperfections are given as the 2D surface maps for both the ITM and ETM.


The loss is the round trip loss of the cavity eigenmode.

Simulated losses for different set maps:

Set of maps
A 43.9 ppm
 42.2 ppm
46.2 ppm
 43.2 ppm
 35.0 ppm
33.8 ppm
32.8 ppm
 34.3 ppm
C 13.2 ppm
 12.8 ppm
11.5 ppm
 11.9 ppm


Number of points of the grid: 512 X 512

Size of the grid: 0.5 X 0.5 m

Diameter of the mirror: 0.33 m

RofC ITM: 1420 m

RofC ETM: 1683 m

Transmission ITM: 0.014

Transmission ETM: 1 ppm

Length of the cavity: 3000 m

Input beam is matched to the cavity

The maps can be downloaded  here, 3 set of maps (A,B,C): Arm maps

(The maps are in meter and the size of one pixel is 7.8125E-4 m)

Update: OSCAR simulation files with maps and including pictures of the residual fields. To calculate the residual pictures, I took the circulating cavity field with maps, normalised it to 1W, then substract from it 1W of the perfect cavity field (radius = 0.0486792, wavefront RoC = -1420m). The files are there:OSCAR V3.13 with maps and pictures of the residual fields

DarkF residual HOM pictures.