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Workarea Changes

by Stefano Cortese last modified 2010-07-01 11:00


Increased the "Undo" history size to the last 200 actions


Fixed the "Upload.." button when inserting an image directly in Kupu


Fixed a problem occurring in Kupu and Explorer >= 8 not being able to add a link to an image  


Fixed the problem occurring in Kupu not being able sometimes to insert links and images with Firefox >= 3.0


Fixed compatibility of Kupu editor with Firefox >= 3.6 (did not save modifications)


Changed the name of the uploadable file object from "AT managed file" to "File (upload)"

Removed the "History"  list in the documents byline (it was misleading because it accounts only for workflow transitions and not for editing history)

Increased the font size by 10%

31-7-06 Smart Folders enabled

The smart folder creation has been enabled for all users.
You can create a page (through add item->smart folder) that presents dynamically the result of a query you specify.

Various queries are available (through the critreria tab) selecting for  creator, modification date, description, top folder, etc.

As an example you can present the list of documents of subtree in chronological order (see Recent Changes in Computing area)