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notes from the discussion

by Antonio Pasqualetti last modified 2012-01-10 13:46
Notes from 14Dec discussion

writing of the TDR document: first draft for comments to be prepared and exchanged at the end of Jan
F2F - Vac discussion about tdr shall be done during the virgo week at the end of Feb.

fan test: among the tested fans, Antec one is preferred with respect to acoustic emissions.
Ego will take some pictures of the control rack inner parts at 'variable cooling rates' to try to understand the cooling needs.

R.Cavalieri is working and knowing about the proposal of DC distribution for the rack

 Ctrl systems for the 5 minitowers: for practicity, the same control systems could be realized for each of the minitower, even if they will work at different vacuum levels.

manpower and installation procedure strategy shall be discussed in Jan

work sharing for SW: Ego is available to take in charge part of the development, waiting for Lal indications

next meeting proposed date: 25Jan 14h-16h

the note on EM noise emission tests will be updated and sent to Lal (control command DC power supplies issues)