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Welcome to the EGO-Electronics Group (EGO-EG) homepage

by Flavio Nocera last modified 2016-07-15 11:49

The Team

Federico Nenci                 

Electronics Technician                          

+39 050 75 2494
Federico Paoletti
Electronics Engineer
+39 050 75 2312
Flavio Nocera* 

Electronics Engineer  

+39 050 75 2368
Roberto Cavalieri   

Computer Engineer 

+39 050 75 2311
Gianmatteo Sposito

Electronics Technician

+39 050 75 2488
Beatrice Montanari

Electronics Technician

+39 050 75 2354

Lab Phone numbers

VELab (Central Building)
+39 050 75 2365
EEShop (Building n.1)
+39 050 75 2370

Electronics Task Request System

This tool would allow people/Groups to detail their requests for us so that we can trace them and monitor their status. It is similar to the SPR one, used in Virgo for years


Advanced Virgo

This section hosts (for now) documents describing things EGO-EG has to do for AdV.
For the time being (Feb 3rd 2010) it has to be considered in progress and will be updated following the evolution of the Project.
In the future, it will be the repository for AdV electronic designs and associated documentation.

Auxiliary Electronics

Useful stuff made by EGO-EG mainly for test and measurement in the EE shop but that occasionally can find its way "temporarily" into the interferometer.

Projects (things we are working on at the moment)

This section contains a list of medium-to-small-scale projects we are currently working on and that it is difficult when not virtually impossible to put in any of the sections above

Virgo and Virgo+

Over the years, EGO-EG's main contribution ended up in the subsystems listed in here.

Red Tape

section containing information about training, vacation, travels, conferences...


In this section you can find the result of the documentation effort made by EGO-EG members.
It includes both released (public) and in progress (access restricted) documents.