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Nov 3 meeting - Agenda

by Giovanni Losurdo last modified 2008-12-19 16:14

List of the talks for the AdV project review.

START TIME  h 9:00

General talks 

-          Virgo status (F.Fidecaro)

-          Virgo+: status and plans (P.Rapagnani)                

-          Science case for Advanced Virgo (A.Vicerè)

-          Advanced Virgo project (G.Losurdo)              


Technical talks     

-          Optical design (A.Freise)

-          Power stabilized laser (N.Man)

-          Injection system (E.Genin)

-          Detection system (B.Mours)

-          Mirrors (L.Pinard)

-          Thermal compensation (V.Fafone)

-          Interferometer sensing and control scheme (F.Bondu)

-          Superattenuator upgrades (R.Passaquieti)

-          Payload and monolithic suspensions (P.Rapagnani)

-          Vacuum upgrades  (A.Pasqualetti)

-          Infrastructure upgrades (A.Paoli)